WHH Auto Service Engine Oil & Maintenance Package HK$1599 (Original HK$2199)

Item A) Replace 4 liters of fully synthetic SN grade engine oil with artificial* and oil separator
-If it exceeds 4 liters, members need to pay an additional fixed fee (HK$125 per liter)
Item B) 4 out of 1 service*
1. Replace the air-conditioning dust screen and air-conditioning system to purify and add refrigerant
2. Replace Dot 4 brake fluid
3. Clean the surface of the engine room, add water from the water tank (if necessary) to clean the surface of the air-conditioning heat sink
4. Make basic settings for the four-wheel alignment
-If you want to purchase more than one service, members need to pay an additional fixed fee (each HK$600)
Item C) Visual inspection of driving safety, including all the following items:
Engine oil and leakage check, exhaust system check, brake system check, whole vehicle suspension system check, power-assisted steering system check, drive belt check, cooling system check, shock absorbers check and undercarriage check, rubber and support check, all car lights check, air-conditioning system check, battery, and charging system check
Special car models package price will be negotiated separately. The merchant reserves the right to determine the price
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