AMFORD Motor Flex Fuel Hydrogen & Oxygen Descaling Service HK$800 (Original HK $1680)

FlexFuel is the world's only supplier of hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization equipment with European certification for safety and security.
Adopted French technology for 9 years and with the continuous technical enhancements and improvements, FlexFuel has become the safest, effective, and harmless to the engine's hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization equipment. The combustion efficiency of automobile engines has reached technical maturity after years of testing and continuous tuning, and has obtained multiple certification reports issued by the European government and various authoritative certification agencies.
Hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization, FlexFuel Hy-Carbon, the best choice for your car.
If your car has black smoke, exhaust gas that affect the qualification for inspection, fuel-consuming or low power. AMFORD Motor Flex Fuel Hydrogen & Oxygen Descaling Service only takes 2 hours to clean the engine of your car using professional technology and special equipment and resolve all the above issues.

Please refer to WIL for the terms & conditions and reward details for the above reward.
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