WIL STARCARD Application Form

WIL members are entitled to apply a WIL StarCard online with the Promo Code: WILAPP on the Caltex Personal StarCard website.  


WIL StarCard application form can be redeemed at 0 WIL point in WIL APP.  Upon presentation of the QR code, Members can visit Caltex stations to redeem the physical WIL StarCard application form and mail the completed WIL StarCard application form with the required documents to Chevron Hong Kong Limited for approval. 

^The discount is based on the WIL StarCard discount of HK$3.6 per litre, and the retail price of Caltex Techron Platinum Gasoline at HK$24.58 per litre on 2 Aug 2022, together with the welcome coupon for an extra HK$40 gasoline upon HK$400 gasoline spending with WIL StarCard and monthly accumulated HK$70 rebate upon 100 liters of gasoline consumed.

Successful applicants of the WIL StarCard will enjoy the following special offer for the purchase of Caltex with Techron® Platinum gasoline or Gold gasoline:  

(i) Basic fixed discount at HK$3.6*/L off current list prices as displayed at Caltex service stations; 
(ii) HK$70 rebate# to the WIL StarCard account of WIL member in the same month if the concerned WIL member has accumulated gasoline spending at 100 litres or above in one month with his/her WIL StarCard; 

(iii) A set of 8 pieces total worth of HK$320 discount coupon for Caltex with Techron® gasoline to be mailed together with the WIL StarCard to successful applicants.  The coupons can be used together with WIL StarCard.

Mailing address:
Chevron Hong Kong Limited
Card Centre 
Unit 1501, 15/F, Tower B, Manulife Financial Centre,
223-231 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

# Whether the concerned WIL member has met the condition for obtaining the HK$70 rebate shall be determined by Chevron Hong Kong Ltd (Chevron) in its sole discretion.  The HK$70 rebate can only be used to off set payment due as shown in the concerned WIL member’s WIL StarCard account monthly statement.  The maximum rebate each WIL member can enjoy per month is HK$70.

Chevron reserves its absolute right to accept or reject any application for WIL StarCard by any WIL member.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the WIL StarCard Application Form.
In case of any disputes, the decision of Chevron and WIL (Let’s Go Limited) shall be final. 

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